Journey towards a more sustainable world

Supporting a cleaner, sustainable world, we use only FSC® certified (sustainable forestry) paper. We use fresh, sustainable forestry paper for each paperback. Our aim with packaging is to use no plastic. We try to holistically support a better world in our release of the best books we can make. Recycled paper creates a huge amount of chemical waste in the recycling process, and this forms a toxic effluent which is more potentially damaging to wildlife and fish than sustainable forestry paper.



It is a huge relief that books can be made out of paper rather than plastic! However, I am encountering a huge problem with the fact that books being bought in in large quantities, need to be protected from the moisture, from damp and rainy weather, both en route and while being stored. It seems unfair that plastic is often described as the only answer to that problem right now. If anyone has any ideas please forward them on: it is probably a problem encountered with many products that we buy, and not just books. I can see that downloading an eBook or an audiobook involves no plastic and buying a few books in a shop involves a cotton or a cloth bag; but ordering in a few thousand books is more tricky in terms of single use plastics! I hope to figure out a better way….

We use an electric vehicle for all direct deliveries from Flagstone Publishing. It is 100% electric and is a wonderful, reliable transporter! We choose methods of shipping that involve as little fossil fuels and carbon emissions as possible. We are not shy about making polite enquiries and going with the more eco friendly option, even when that option costs a little more.

We are thinking of getting solar panels for electricity… anyone have any experience of this? Send me an email! See the ‘Contact us’ section…