St. Patrick’s Day


How I became an author - Elizabeth O Brien


This website going live on St Patrick's Day, in 2021, was kind of inspiring for me: I decided to remember my lovely father at the beginning of my book a long time ago; and he was the most wonderful Patrick, with his birthday on St. Patrick’s Day! He passed away tragically in 2014 and he is missed every day, but I hope that he is always with me at some level and I feel like his presence thankfully stays with me. He was probably the person who (at least partly!) made me what I am: he loved books; he loved learning things; and he was always the person who would just hand me a book when I was quite young and say “I think you would like this one…” He had great taste in books! Hence I savoured every Jeffrey Archer book, every Paul Carson, every author he stumbled upon whose books he loved. He also bought me ‘Black Beauty,’ by Anna Sewell when I asked him to… Great Dad or what! We really lost a treasure when he died.


While I am on the subject of great people, a huge thank you to Karla O’Brien for taking the pictures for this website!